January - March 2014
Visual Designer & Developer

The Story

My role was to help create a communications strategy which would promote the event. A number of options were explored but what dictated the overall approach became the cost. ActionAid is a charity, spending large amounts of cash, even if it generates and even larger income, is detrimental to the brand. Considering ActionAid Ireland already had a strong following on social media and a base of donators it was felt, as this was the first attempt at this event, we should target those people and use the day as a way of giving back to them, thus everything would be free and we would crowdsource a number of people to work at the event.

We decided on a microsite to promote the event and it would act as an information hub for all this involved. Having been given access to ActionAids large inventory of multimedia, predominantly images, I decided that these would make up the bulk of the graphical aspect of the website as we wanted to engage people and allow them to see what they would be working toward. After trawling through the database we found a number of high quality images and used them as our hero images. I wanted the site to feel light and quick to use. Everything needed to be one click away.

Generally, I find using clicks as a metric quite poor as the aim is to reduce effort and cognitive load, and reducing clicks can be a way of doing that but only when appropriate. In this case, I felt it was because it was such a small website. Animations would be kept to a minimum. The website and interactions needed to fade into the background and go unnoticed, I wanted the information and content to play the major role.

Everything was kept on one page. I added a simple javascript slide up animation to show and hide different menu options, so you didn’t feel like you left the page. Simple animation and interaction coupled with some great images gave a nice easy but aesthetically pleasing feel. The event itself was a success, I part took in many of the workshops.