Client Summary
Product Designer & Researcher

The Brief

Create a page to summarise the large quantities of collected data for a patient so a care manager can get a broad view of that patient.

Key Findings

In researching for the project we talked to a broad range of care workers and their needs. These were predominantly based in USA and the UK, but research from a number of other projects we had conducted was also funnelling into this project. We conducted interviews, usability tests and workshops with users.

Different information is required to be surfaced and summarised at different points of time. This depends on the type of problems a client has, what the relationship is like with the care worker, where the care worker is actually located when viewing the profile, the care workers personal preferences and the background of the care worker, eg nurse, social worker, psychiatrist etc.

Data collected on a patient is both structured and unstructured, with a large proportion unstructured - notes by care workers.

There is key information all care workers did want to see, all the time - basic profile information, photo, address, status, risk level, last note, who last saw them and when, and consent. Care workers can have huge case loads and need refreshers for clients, some of which are less familiar than others.

Data was temporal in nature. It has a sell by date as the client progress through care, the trend of that data is important though, along with reviewing it to track progress and for accountability.

The Requirements

The page needed to allow the care worker to quickly get up to speed with basic information and the status of the client.

The page needed to be personal and flexible to meet the content needs of the care worker.

The page needed to act as a launch pad into the rest of the software, as each data point shown is just a point in time, so a view into the past is necessary. Those historical details needed to be accessible from the page.

The Designs

thumbnails Low-Fi Balsamiq concept.
thumbnails Basic view with a number of commonly used cards.
thumbnails Responsive version - Red lined
thumbnails Common task - assignment of a structured program
thumbnails Basic card spec for engineering