Playback Deck

As part of the project we had to present our findings and designs, here is the deck.

May - October 2015
UX Designer & Researcher

The Brief

To redsign the Discover, Try and Buy experience for ECM (Enterprise Content Management). The project lasted no more than 2 weeks and in that time frame we had to research, design and test our redesign. It was suggested that we look at targetting medium size businesses as a starting point.

The Learnings

Their was an assumption that medium size organisations look specifically for content management systems based on security reasons and are willing to pay premium rates. Like aith any projetc we decided to challenge the assumption. We had to find a number of medium sized start up organisations to see how they worked. After some research w found a Meet Up for such organisations being held in downtown Austin so we went a long and chatted to several owners and found that nearly all medium size businesses choose to use the content management systems like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box because they're intially free and then move into a premium level after they have used all freely available online storage. And that this menatility originates from when they are pre start up, whilst in univaristy and school really, as they have little to no income and get familiar using these tools at that point in the journey. Thus a movement from that initial choice is very difficult, so they use as many free options and then choose their favourite to buy the premium version when eventually they are in a medium sized company.

The Solution

Working redesigned the Discover, Try and Buy experience to target final year college students who, as proven through our user research, would carry the tool in to their professional career. We suggested removing offering free 10GB storage, more than any other CMS and also looked to allow for furture editing functionality, similar to google drive but including more modern software tool editing, Adobe products etc.

Prototype (May not render SVGs correctly)