In Africa millions of children and their families are living in conditions of poverty and marginalisation: they have no access to food, clean water, basic medical care or basic education. In Amuru, Uganda families like Jimmi & Beatrice's are living on less than 2 euro per day. But together we can change this reality, one family at a time, one community at a time.

By donating €13 per month (less than 43c per day) you can sponsor a village to ensure this community has a better future and have an opportunity to overcome poverty and injustice.


By becoming a village sponsor with ActionAid, you join a powerful movement of people who are bringing about positive change in the lives of communities in developing countries. We hope this will be the start of a wonderful and special friendship between you and the community you sponsor in Amuru, Uganda which represents a journey towards a fairer world where the rights of the most vulnerable are protected.

Through messages and regular updates direct from the field, you will learn about the challenges the community are facing, about their history and culture and about the direct impact your donation is making. We encourage you to write to the community- and maybe at some point you might even decide to visit the village for yourself to see firsthand the difference your donation is making in the community!

  • People will have access to basic services such as education, health, sanitation and water in their community
  • Children will have access to quality education and will be supported to go to school
  • Community members will have access to medical care in clinics run by trained medical staff and resourced with approved medication
  • Women will be protected both in and outside the home
  • Communities will be trained and supported in securing improved public services
  • Community members will have a direct say in the development of their own communities
  • Communities can grow and support themselves into the future


Shortly after you join the village sponsorship programme you will receive a detailed field report from ActionAid Uganda along with a letter from a member of the community which will give you an insight into the area and the challenges that the community are facing. In addition, every month you will receives updates like case studies, reports and photos via e-mail from our sponsorship coordinator as she speaks to beneficiaries of the programme and keeps you updated on the progress being made. Finally, you will also receive the ActionAid Ireland annual update informing you of our wider programme and campaigning work throughout the year.



We want you to feel proud of how every cent you give to us is used. With over 30 years' experience of working in developing countries, ActionAid has developed the most effective way of using your gifts to achieve lasting change. Not only do we work with communities on the ground to solve their problems, we also help address the wider issues on a national and international level that cause poverty. ActionAid is committed to being open and transparent as to how your gifts are being used and all our financial reports can be found on our website at

This year we are particularly proud to say that, 87% of our overall annual income went straight to fund our overseas charitable activities. With village sponsorship you can set the level of your support and tailor your monthly giving amount to suit you're your needs. 60% of your support will go directly to support the community where it will deliver essentials such as food, clean water, healthcare and education, but we need to make sure that this support is long lasting.

The remaining 40% will allow us to fight the root causes of poverty over the longer term. It will support key advocacy and campaigning work like lobbying governments to improve education and healthcare systems for all. It will help us fight for basic rights for key groups such as women and those with disabilities. It will allow us to respond to emergency situations in communities facing a drought or food shortage and it will allow us to find new sponsors to support our work into the future.