February 2017 - Now
Kitman Labs
UX / UI Designer & Researcher

At Kitman I’ve moved to a much smaller product team, encompassing only 4 of us, 2 product managers and 2 designers. The company is only about 50 employees so it was a vast difference to my previous role in IBM from an environment perspective and also the role I played. I have always sought a great control over things as I have a desire to fine tune and refine what exists, to look at the details and try explore ways to progress. At Kitman it is much more possible to do that.

Kitman Labs is an organisation developed to allow sports staff to monitor and analyse elite athletes performances and medical data. It goes one step further than other sports vendors by using machine learning to highlight injury risk and therefore offer actionable insights for the sports practitioner.

There are a number of products in the portfolio targeted at collecting data from athletes, Capture for movement quality and Athlete for post wellbeing and workload, along with analysing, visualising and documenting data, Profiler, Coach App and Kitman TV. These integrate with other data collection vendors to allow a wide variety of data to be collected and analysed on different devices for different scenarios.

My role revolves around collecting as much information about the users and customers so we can feed it back into decision making. This is done through customer success team feedback, onsites with users, regular weekly interviews, sales team feedback, usability tests and analytics. This is the core aspect, understanding the users and their wants and needs.

Once there is strong understanding we can target pain point, develop new features, refine current features, remove rubbish features. We can answer questions about marketing strategy and update sales information to get the attention and garner the interest of possible and current customers.

I work across the portfolio, collecting user research, designing the users experience and reflecting those experiences in the UI’s.