Photo Checker (Intelligram)
Product Launch
Product Designer & Researcher

What is it?

Photo Checker (Intelligram) is an IOS app which helps you choose your best photos to share on instagram. You take hundreds of photos but how do you know which is the best one?

Quick story

Aram, co founder, came to me with an idea about using a model to rate the chances of an image getting likes when uploaded to instagram. We thought it had legs and we wanted to pilot it and see how we could launch, develop and deliver a product with just the two of us. He wanted more IOS development freedom and I wanted to try working in a different context. We did well. We have 3000+ downloads and got onto the Enterprise board incubator program for 8 weeks. Have a look at the app here

thumbnails Image selection
thumbnails Multi image processing
thumbnails Multi image feedback
thumbnails Single image feedback