March - April 2015
UX Designer & Researcher

The Story

Due to the success of the Inspirations International Womens Day Event ActionAid decided to employ me on a project by project basis. The next project conceived was for a sweepstake kit for the World Cup 2014. Some of the team had many connections to Irish football and it was felt this could be a possible avenue we could explore. We wanted to tie this to ActionAid causes and we found a number of football related stories had come out of the locations ActionAid Ireland worked. We devised a plan to tell this story and marry it to the upcoming World Cup. I had to create a microsite to showcase these stories, capture email address and allow people to download the sweepstake kit, which comprised of a wall chart with all the matches, a cut out of all the national football teams - so people could put them in a hat and pull them out and a small pamphlet about ActionAid.

I was slightly skeptical about the concept, sweepstakes for me smacked of the 1980s and it was 2014. After creating the microsite, like the Inspirations website, I kept it simple, even simpler in this case. I decided for a one page website broken down into sections, each section showcasing a small story with an image. There were three stories. Again taking advantage of the high quality images I used a number of them for impact and to draw people into reading the stories. The overall aim was to get them to sign up, download the kit, which would in turn have them invested in the idea and then read the stories. By downloading the kit they would set up the sweepstakes in work and therefore share with colleagues information about ActionAid, thus acting as recruiters for donations.

Only a small number of companies partook. Though, each of these companies made sizeable donations to ActionAid. Considering it was given to a part time designer and developer after it’s conception it was viewed as a major success. Costs were low and output was of good quality and we had generated further income and support.